Case Study

Custom Pontoons Case Study

John Vigliotta, the Ward Oyster Company owner (who has an engineering background), came to us looking for a more durable pontoon material that would never rust.

The Challenge:

Ward Oyster Company has been a leader within the seafood industry for more than four decades. Like their competitors, they were purchasing and employing oyster harvesting barges that were historically made out of aluminum or steel. Over time, they rusted to the point that they were unusable and needed to be replaced. Inclement weather such as hurricanes, collisions with the docks, the moisture in the air, and prolonged contact with saltwater contribute to the damage and long-term erosion of these metals.

Scratches, dents, and dings are common for boat pontoons that aren’t made out of polypropylene plastic. Ward came to a decision to build a new oyster harvesting barge; they wanted to find a replacement for traditional aluminum and steel pontoon options.

A traditional pontoon system will not have the weight capacity as that of a CPF custom plastic pontoon. Carrying more oyster cages each trip from cages back to shore would clearly save both time and money. Traditional barges have 6 cage limits, so Ward envisioned one with a 36-cage capacity. To effectively carry this kind of weight safely, they knew they would need custom pontoons.

The Solution:

Our engineers used John’s drawings and collaborated to build two custom polypropylene plastic pontoons for his new barge. Together, we designed and manufactured a pontoon kit to increase buoyancy, stabilize the weight distribution, and mitigate damages from any outside forces that could make contact with the bottom or sides of the pontoon. Our polypropylene plastic provided John with a more durable solution that he’s still enjoying four years later.

The Result:

Ward Oyster Company purchased two 38’ x 4‘x 2’ high Poly pontoons that were made of 1” thick smooth black polypropylene for its new oyster harvesting barge. When asked for comment, John stated, “These new custom pontoons appear like they will outlast the barge. They are durable and have withstood weather, collisions with the dock, and even one hurricane with 5-foot swells, showing no wear! Should I ever sell my barge, these pontoons will greatly increase my sales price, a fantastic investment. We could not be happier with this purchase and would highly recommend CPF to others within our industry.” Because of the design and workmanship’s success, John has been looking to add more pontoons to his fleet in the coming years. After purchasing the initial two pontoons in 2016, John continued with a third pontoon which he positioned in the middle of the other two pontoons.

The Solution Conclusion:

In helping John Vigliotta overcome his challenges for his Custom Pontoon Boat, CPF is well on its way to revolutionizing the Boat Building industry. For entrepreneurs seeking to add life to their fishing boats/barges or manufacturers looking for a competitive edge within their market, CPF will be a great choice as your supplier. Boasting more than three decades of custom plastic manufacturing industry, we dominated the fire truck tank arena. So, we’re more than ready to help you with your next product.