Commitment to quality

A plastic fabrication company that strives for continual improvement.

Custom Plastic Fabrications, LLC. (CPF) a plastic fabrication company dedicated to providing the very best customer service, design, and manufacturing custom plastic products and quality tank solutions. Through continuous improvements, CPF commits to enhancing our processes, policies, products, and services.

High quality means establishing measures that precisely provide our consumers what they are looking for in custom designs.

Also, we try to continually enhance the effectiveness of our quality by learning and problem solving each day.

CPF commits to being a plastic fabrication company that manufactures superior custom plastic fabrication and quality tank solutions to its customers. Our goal is to strive to surpass all segments of the customized products and tank experience.

CPF’s Quality Management System (QMS)

Our Quality Management System (QMS) makes sure that we achieve these beliefs. Additionally, the QMS, testing, and certification is a mixture of in-house verification of compliance. The method entails high-quality steps so that the customer service representative enters orders correctly and designs meet specifications. This method identifies and resolves issues early. As a result, the process ensures manufacturing meets design specifications. Lastly, our QMS contains spark testing, high-quality management forms, and pre-shipping tests, all of which we provide for our customers in the water, wastewater, energy, power, marine, aquaculture, and stormwater industries.

In 2004, United Plastic Fabricating (UPF), Custom Plastic Fabrications’ parent company, acquired ISO 9001 Certification for its potential to design, manufacture, and repair customized tanks. Since then, our certification is the most recent standard. As a result, we are now certified by the Worldwide Group for Standardization, TUV USA, Inc. TUV is a skilled firm in certifying administration programs and regulatory inspection actions in the United States. CPF ISO 9001 2015 Certificate.

Moreover, in 2017 the Lean Journey began for our plastic fabrication company. In fact, UPF’s President, Andrew Lingel, spearheaded that quest and proudly can report today that this journey has made a world of difference in quality tank solutions and has improved employee problem-solving. Learn more about our Green and Lean Initiatives here.

Our history has shown us that we have struggled to solve larger cross-functional problems. Also, we haven't felt comfortable making substantial changes to our approach to welding and quality. However, over the past three years, we have increased our capabilities and capacity to problem solve and acquired and developed talented resources. Also, we have closed many gaps in our process over the past three years. The progress is impressive.

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