Brine Tanks for Trucks


Custom Plastic Fabrications, LLC (CPF) custom brine tanks for trucks are designed to your specifications. Whether you are looking for a set of small brine tanks for the side of your snow and ice management truck, bulk liquid storage tanks that uses a pump to spray the brine, or our brine wedge tanks in combination with a tailgate salt and sander, CPF will work with your specifications and supply you with a durable polypropylene tank for brine road treatment.  


Simultaneously, our brine wedge tanks work with sand and salt. In addition, CPF salt brine tanks for dump trucks easily mount with the use of a fork truck.  Also, our wedge tanks can store rock salt and sand directly on the slope of the tank. Because the tank covers are fabricated out of 3/4” high-impact polypropylene these road brine tanks can withstand the weight of the salt and sand.  Additionally, they will never rust or corrode from the road brine.  Lastly, in the off season, these brine tanks for trucks can be easily removed and stored freeing up your dump truck for use all year long. 

In conclusion, there are two types of snow and ice management treatments that can help with ice during a storm. First, there is deicing with sand and rock salt that, with the use of a spreader, it is applied to roads with ice and snow. Secondly, anti-icing treatments such as road brine that is dispensed from brine tanks before the storm and ice formation. Therefore, CPF wedge brine tanks for trucks are a perfect solution for both types of snow and ice management.


Custom Plastic Fabrications brine tanks for trucks are used in many applications. In addition to salt brine application for snow and ice management prevention for roads, CPF manufactures deicing fluid tanks that prevent or remove the buildup of ice on planes and runways. We also offer polytanks for dust control at construction sites and water transporting for disaster relief. Other industries included agriculture for plant watering, herbicide for weed control, pesticide for pest control, and even tanks for the fire industry. Lastly, polytanks are durable polypropylene and will never rust or corrode and will last for years.


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• Custom Designed to Your Specifications • Made of Black Texture Polypropylene • Superior Baffling System for Road Stability • Corrosion and Rust free • Maintenance free • Impact resistant. Will not dent • Walls can be made of translucent material so brine level can be visible.

CPF Brine Tanks for Trucks Benefits

Poly Brine Tanks for Trucks has Superior Baffling System for Road Stability

Our poly brine tanks for trucks have strong tank baffling systems. This system balances and limits the movement of the liquid inside the tank. Therefore, greatly reduces sloshing and improves braking capabilities.

CPF Poly Brine Tanks are Custom Fabricated to your Specifications

Different from fiberglass and molded brine tanks, CPF poly brine tanks for trucks are custom fabricated to your specifications and do not require expensive molds. Build one or 1,000.

Stronger than Fiberglass and Molded Tanks

Unlike fiberglass tanks and molded tanks, poly tanks are tough and flexible. As a result, they don’t dent. In addition, fiberglass tanks break down over time.

More Friendly to the Environment

CPF engages in a wide range of green initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about our Green and Lean Initiatives.

Will not Decay, Rust, or Crack.

Poly tanks are corrosion-free. Therefore, our tanks are not going to rust over the years, unlike steel tanks.

We Offer Product Support

A team of technicians are available Nationwide for any repair or modification to your product. Each technician is a full-time CPF employee that receives regular training. Our product support includes warranty claims, aftermarket modification product support, and post-warranty product support. Learn more about how our product support team can help you.

CPF Reclaims Material

Following our environmental responsibilities, we reclaim cut material in our factories and weld together to form additional sheets for more work. Thus, significantly reducing unnecessary waste. Also, the scrap material is reground with the supplier and recycled for future use.

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Why Custom Fabrication of Your Poly Brine Tank for Trucks? 

CPF allows you to design any size, shape, and other preferences you may have for your brine tank. As well, our engineers and designers can work with you to create a design that will ensure the success of your next snow and ice management project. All tanks are designed to meet your specific requirements. To avoid material waste, engineers design their products to keep scrap to a minimum. We will begin manufacturing your custom brine tank once you approve the drawing.

Additionally, outsourcing to us will help you free up manpower and floor space if you are still building your own tanks. Due to the high cost of labor, this will allow you to concentrate on your core business. Polytanks are also more economical than stainless steel tanks. Here are a few more reasons why a poly brine tank for trucks should be custom fabricated with CPF:

You pick the size

Custom fabrication lets you decide the specific size and any other preferences that you may have. It allows you to choose more creative designs, applications, and solutions for your systems.

Internal or integrated structure

Tanks are built with an integrated design that is almost impossible to do with other types of tanks. The only method for the production of other types of tanks is from the tiring process of molding. On the other hand, in CPF tanks, we can build into the design all the compartments, work surfaces, mounting locations without any mold.

Your specifications

Each tank for your system is designed to your specifications and/or drawing submittal. After approving the drawing, we’ll start the production of your poly tank.
Our engineers and designers use CAD/CAM automation. Also, our CNC routers allow skilled fabricators to make a two-dimensional shape to fulfill nearly any requirement you may have.
If you are looking for specific measures and customizing your brine tank CPF is your solution.

More economical

Poly is more economical and lighter weight than steel, concrete or fiberglass. CPF poly brine tanks for trucks are hand welded from cut sheet and do not require an expensive mold.

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