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At Custom Plastic Fabrications (CPF), we are no strangers to fulfilling new and existing customers’ requests for a plastic prototype. Whether it is a complete product or just a component, CPF is here to help your new project and plastic prototype become a reality.

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A CNC Machined Custom Fabricated Plastic Prototype From CPF

Molds can be expensive, and what happens if you have changes to your design? You will need another mold. Developing a CNC machined custom fabricated plastic prototype with CPF will allow you to test your product or part before moving into a full production phase and investing in a mold.

The first step to producing your product is developing and designing a plastic prototype for your new project. Providing CPF Engineers with your design idea is the first step. Our Engineers can work with your CAD model for your plastic prototype and produce a completed design, ready to go to be manufactured.

The CPF Engineering Department consists of 24 designers who have a wide range of experience in multiple industries. Some of the industries we have designed for are power & energy, stormwater management, wastewater processing; agriculture, aquaculture, herbicide, pesticide, & insecticide, food processing, and storage of corrosive chemicals, to name a few.

We have two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that together have 11 Thermwood CNC routers. At CPF, we have over 200 plastic fabricators and continue to grow, so it is safe to say we know how to fabricate from plastic. Our facilities have dedicated production areas set up for plastic prototype fabrication.

There is no need to worry about the quality or durability of your plastic prototype from CPF. We use copolymer polypropylene. This polypropylene is perfect for mobile tanks for trucks because it’s easy to fabricate, baffled to help eliminate water surges, and won’t crack from road vibration. Additionally, it is ideal for applications requiring chemical resistance and products that need to be FDA compliant.

Polypropylene Features

Contacting CPF for your CNC machined plastic prototypes and consider the features listed below:


Our parent company, United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (UPF), developed the first plastic prototype fire truck tank for a small-town fire department over 30 years ago.  The existing steel tank in the department’s truck was leaking due to rust and corrosion.  The founders of UPF developed the Poly-Tank® to solve this problem.  Over the years, the Poly-Tank® grew to be the #1 water and foam tank designed and manufactured for the world’s top fire apparatus manufacturers.   Due to the need to be a custom and unique design for every fire department’s unique hazards and rescue requirements, it continues to be a custom fabricated tank made from our unique copolymer polypropylene. 

In closing, if you are looking for a single plastic prototype or whether you need to create hundreds, CPF can help you develop your prototypes for testing and before mass production. 

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