Custom fabricated CNC plastic parts

An alternative to low-volume rotational moulding or prototyping needs.

Does saving money on your low-volume rotational moulding product or component sound great? Prototype rotational moulding can be expensive, and it doesn’t allow for modifications very easily. However, Custom Plastic Fabrications (CPF) has a solution to the expense of low volume rotational moulding.

But CPF doesn’t stop at saving you money. CPF’s dedication to customer satisfaction means your custom fabricated CNC cut plastic parts customization is a must. Whether it’s a custom tank or component in a larger assembly, CPF will work with you on an alternative to low-volume rotational moulding options.

Your needs are our needs, and everything down to our smallest accessories, we will meet them. 

CPF has been partnering with engineers from many other industries that include wastewater, agriculture, marine, aquaculture, energy, and stormwater, to name a few.  CPF provided an option to low volume rotational moulding and an alternative to steel, fiberglass, concrete, and aluminum for their projects.

Moreover, our engineering department is staffed with 24 designers and engineers to support a wide variety of products and industries.  Our designers do this by using the most recent analysis, CAD, and CAM software tools. Also, they use knowledge-based engineering (KBE) technology to put together complex 3D CAD models based on predefined design rules. Thus, increasing the design process’s accuracy and efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

CPF’s Engineering department utilizes this exclusive KBE system to provide more accurate drawings for custom-cut CNC plastic parts. Our system ensures your product will perform reliably. The designs are based on the specifications CPF receives from the customers. However, our engineers can collaborate with you to accomplish specific design objectives. Given the ever-expanding number of industries served by CPF, giving our engineers access to the best design technology possible has been key to our success.

We utilize the plastic technology expertise of several leading universities and national labs for continued development. Relationships such as these have allowed CPF to remain at the forefront of new plastic industry developments. Also, CPF has relationships with several engineering consulting firms to assist in stress analysis and design. In addition, our close relationships with suppliers keep CPF on the leading edge of technology, using them as partners in success. CPF’s association efforts provide valuable networking in the plastic industry.

Also, our facilities are impressive. We have over 230,000 square feet in manufacturing space. Our plants are located in Neenah, Wisconsin, Ocala, Florida, and our corporate headquarters  in North Andover, Massachusetts.

These facilities employ over 200 full-time fabricators who, together, fabricate over 4000 custom CNC cut plastic assemblies a year. These parts are hand-welded from sheets, unlike prototype moulding parts.

No matter your industry, you can count on CPF Products.

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Top of the Line Equipment

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest cutting, routing, welding, and testing equipment.

We currently have 11 Thermwood CNC router tables. These router tables allow a reduction in setup time and improve the assembly process of our custom-cut CNC plastic parts.

The automatic butt-welding fusion machine has made significant improvements over hand welding in terms of our product’s quality and reliability. We currently have five machines that accommodate welding polypropylene sheets up to 13 feet with full penetration to ensure the strongest joint possible. Also, these machines have 90˚ welding capability.

Also, if your application requires the storage of liquids, six of our final test stations have pivoting scales to purge trapped air. Thus, providing accurate certification of the tank volume and weight.

We collaborate with our machinery suppliers to refine the welding process using extrusion welding equipment. Additionally, we continue to invest heavily in research and development (R&D) in the interest of improving our welding equipment and process capability.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We constantly strive for continuous improvement, the best quality, and on-time delivery. 

Moreover, we are an environmentally responsible business and a lean principles leader committed to sustainability. With our continuous improvements, we strive to minimize the impact on the local community and the environment. Learn more about our Green and Lean initiatives.

Should you ever need warranty claims, aftermarket modification product support, or post-warranty product support, we have seven full-time road technicians that span all of North America to answer the call. Learn more about how our product support team can help you.

So, if you are experiencing problems with your component or tank such as rust, corrosion, weight, the expense of prototype and low volume rotational moulding, or durability, and you need to explore the market for a custom plastic product, contact us today to see what CPF can do for you.

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