Custom Water Tanks

Our exclusive PT3™ co-polymer polypropylene has proven to be an effective material to make a custom water tank.   

Our parent company, United Plastic Fabricating, has been building custom-made plastic water tanks for fire trucks for over thirty years.  What started as a water tank for a fire truck has developed into plastic products for many industries. Now, we are bringing our solutions to other industries, and one of them is by offering custom water tanks for the industrial markets.   

CPF Custom Water Tank Benefits

Poly Water Tanks Are More Durable than any Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Water Tank

Unlike stainless or aluminum tanks, custom water tanks made out of polypropylene plastic are resistant to corroding (even in a moisture-rich environment). Also, a custom water tank is incredibly durable, and it doesn’t dent easily.

Poly Is much Easier to Clean than Aluminum or Stainless-Steel

Polypropylene is a homogeneous material that protects urea against many types of contamination. Therefore, poly has an outstanding chemical resistance, which protects the material from many organic solvents, acids, and bases. There is no need to worry about your custom water tank ever rusting or corroding because we manufacture them with polypropylene, a chemically inert material. Moreover, without a corroding issue, the cleaning process of your poly tank will be much easier. Also, most particles that attach to polypropylene slide off it easily.

Polypropylene Will Not Crack

Due to the excellent resistance and durability of polypropylene plastic, you don’t have to worry about cracks upon any ordinary external force. A polytank can even resist the impact of a sledgehammer.

Free from Harmful Chemical Compounds

Our polypropylene does not contain Perfluorinated and polyfluorinated compounds, including their acid, salts, and pre-cursors such as Polyfluorocarbons (PFCs), Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFAs) and Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs), PFNs, Polydioctylfluorene (PFOs), and Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and Perfluorocarboxylic acids (PFCAs).

More Friendly to the Environment

CPF engages in a wide range of green initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner. In this regard, we are adhered to help reduce carbon emissions, preserve wooded areas and biodiversity, and keep our air and water clean. Learn more about our Green and Lean Initiatives.

CPF Reclaims Material

Following our environmental responsibilities, we reclaim cut material in our factories and weld together to form additional sheets for more work. Thus, significantly reducing unnecessary waste. Also, the scrap material is reground with the supplier and recycled for future use.

We Offer Product Support

Our team of technicians comes directly to you for any repair or modification to your product. Each technician is a full-time CPF employee that receives regular training. Our product support includes warranty claims, aftermarket modification product support, and post-warranty product support. Learn more about how our product support team can help you.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The poly water tanks are aesthetically much better than a stainless steel water tank as they maintain a clean appearance and last for many years without causing any disturbance.

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Why Custom Fabrication of your Poly Water Tank?

You can design any specific size, shape, and any other preferences you may have for your poly water tanks. Additionally, our engineers and designers can collaborate with you to improve results and devise such a design, ensuring your next project will succeed. We design each polytank according to your specifications and drawing submittal.  Engineers nest product designs to keep scrap to a minimum and to avoid any material waste. After approving the drawing, we’ll start manufacturing your custom water tank.   

Moreover, if you are still manufacturing your own tanks, outsourcing to us will free up your manpower and floor space (labor is a huge expense). Thus, allowing you to focus on your core business better. Also, a polytank is much cheaper than a stainless steel water tank. Below are a few other reasons to have a custom fabrication of your poly water tanks:

Large poly tank sizes

The custom fabrication of products allows for substantial sizes of your custom water tank as well. We can ship components as subassemblies by commercial trucks and assemble them on site. We make our products from sheets 5 feet wide and up to 20 feet long. Also, these sheets can be butt welded together to form larger sizes with minimal loss in strength. Since there is no limit in size, the custom fabrication allows you to maximize the real estate/gallonage of water in your polytank.

Custom shapes

One of the additional capabilities of CPF is that we provide custom designs of products and tanks. Our engineers and designers use CAD/CAM automation, and our CNC routers allow skilled fabricators to make a two-dimensional shape that can fulfill nearly any requirement you may have.

Internal or integrated structure

Tanks are built with an integrated design that is almost impossible to do with other types of tanks. The only method for the production of other types of tanks is from the tiring process of molding. On the other hand, in CPF tanks, we can build into the design all the compartments, work surfaces, mounting locations without any mold.

Low run quantities

This is one of our products and polytanks' most useful features as the capital investment for such tanks is not as extensive compared to molded tanks. New designs do not require a mold as we custom fabricate from raw sheets. You need new molds for fiberglass or rotomolded (Rotational Molding) products. Therefore, these molds increase the cost of your product.

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