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Water tanks for trucks from Custom Plastic Fabrications can support all applications to store or deliver water for easy access. Some of these applications include household water storage, commercial food and beverage preparation, and agriculture and irrigation.  In addition, fire suppression, construction sites, disaster relief, and industrial manufacturing are some other industries looking to store water.

You can mount our tanks directly on a water truck, they can stand alone above or underground, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Our water tanks for trucks for range in sizes from 500 – 4,000 gallons.   A 2000 gallon water tank for truck is the most popular size that our customers are looking for.  Additionally, an above-ground water storage tank and an underground water cistern tank can range from 500-10,000 gallons. Modular designs for cistern tanks greater than 10,000 gallons are available. All CPF tanks are custom manufactured to the customer’s specifications.


CPF water tanks for trucks are also constructed from high-impact black polypropylene, like our water tanks for storage. They are all UV stabilized, which means we have a stabilizer added to our polypropylene resin in order to protect against UV rays.  Additionally, our water tanks can withstand many unfavorable outdoor conditions, and are fda approved. These mobile water tanks are baffled for safety and superior roadability. In addition, our water tanks for trucks for delivery range in sizes from 500 – 4,000 gallons are custom manufactured to the customer’s specifications. Our 2000 gallon water tank is the most popular.

When disasters or emergencies strike, water trucks equipped with a CPF water tank can deliver water to the areas in need. Additionally, these trucks can provide water to construction or mining sites for daily use, and supply water to remote locations.

Water trucks equipped with a CPF water tank will deliver water to support:

  • Firefighting in Rural Areas with no Source of Water Read More About Our Fire Tanks Here
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Residential Swimming Pools
  • Large Crowd Events
  • Basecamps for Wildfires
  • Manage Dust at Construction and Mining Locations
  • Farms When Droughts Hit
  • Military Tactical Training Exercises


Water storage tanks are an essential part of our everyday lives and a vital part of municipal and city water systems. In addition to residential areas and commercial sites, institutions, industrial installations, the military, and desolate regions also require water storage.

Some other industries that need large amounts of water each day  include the brewing and carbonated beverage industry, dairy industry, sugar industry, and textile manufacturing. In addition, the pulp and paper industry, oil and gas, automotive industry, and aircraft manufacturing.

Cistern Water Tanks

CPF also offers a water cistern tank. For those that may not have heard of that term before, a water cistern is a water storage tank for storing water underground. The water storage tank can hold thousands of gallons of water for areas lacking water. In closing, cisterns can also serve as a backup water supply for fire suppression and greenhouses throughout the country.

Read about our capabilities here.

CPF water tanks are UV stabilized and are made from high-impact black polypropylene. Furthermore, it can withstand many outdoor conditions. Additionally, an above-ground water storage tank and an underground water cistern tank can range from 500-10,000 gallons. Modular designs for cistern tanks greater than 10,000 gallons are available, and CPF tanks are custom manufactured to the customer’s specifications.



• Rectangle or Elliptical Shapes • Truck Mounted or Stationary • For Indoor or Outdoor Areas • Above or Underground • Black Polypropylene Tank • UV Stabilized- Helps Prevent Interior Algae Growth • Resistant to Rust and Corrosion • Self-Supporting with Interior Baffling System • Threaded Inlets and Outlets

CPF Water Tanks Benefits

Poly Water Tanks Feature Internal Baffling to Reduce Sloshing While Greatly Increasing Safety

Our water tanks for water delivery trucks are rectangular or elliptical tanks with a strong tank baffling system. This system balances and limits the movement of the liquid inside the tank. Thus, greatly reducing sloshing and making it less prone to tipping over, and improving braking capabilities. This feature will help improve driver control, which is essential for driver and road safety. Additionally, baffling can help you lower vehicle maintenance costs due to less wear and tear on brakes, chassis, suspension, and shocks. Not to mention that your trucks will be logging fewer miles, and you will be able to lower fuel costs.

Poly Water Tanks Are More Durable than Tanks Made from Other Materials

Unlike fiberglass, concrete, stainless or aluminum tanks, tanks made out of polypropylene plastic are extremely resistant to cracking, denting and are less prone to punctures. Polypropylene tanks are incredibly durable because of their toughness. Your poly tank will both look good and last for many years.

More Friendly to the Environment

CPF engages in a wide range of green initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner. View our Green and Lean Initiatives.

Poly Tanks Are Less Prone to Decay and are Rust-Free

Our tanks are rust and corrosion-free. Poly naturally provides a protective barrier against moisture and vapors, which are the leading cause of corrosion. There is no need to worry about your water tank rusting or corroding with a poly tank because it is made up of chemically inert material.

We Offer Product Support

Our team of technicians comes directly to you for any repair or modification to your product. Each technician is a full-time CPF employee that receives regular training. Our product support includes warranty claims, aftermarket modification product support, and post-warranty product support. See how our product support team can help you.

Poly Water Tanks are Lighter Weight

Polypropylene tanks reduce your GVW, allowing more carrying capacity. Besides that, it may provide you the option to hire non-CDL drivers. This may reduce labor costs and opens up a much larger pool of candidates. Additionally, it could enable operators to carry more product, reducing refilling trips. This would save on gas, mileage, wear and tear (and time). More efficient potable water tanks will make your business more profitable.

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Why Custom Fabrication of Your Poly Water Tanks For trucks? 

CPF poly water tanks, you can design any specific size, shape, and any other preferences you may have for your need. Additionally, our engineers and designers can collaborate with you to improve results and devise such a design, ensuring your next project will be a success. We design each tank according to your specifications and drawing submittal. Engineers nest product designs to keep scrap to a minimum and to avoid any material waste. After approving the drawing, we’ll start manufacturing your custom water tanks for storage or water delivery.

Moreover, if you are still manufacturing your own water tanks, outsourcing to us will free up your manpower and floor space. Given that labor is a huge expense, this can allow you to focus on your core business better. Also, a polytank is much cheaper than a stainless steel tank. Below are a few other reasons to have CPF manufacturer your poly water tank whether is for storage or a water truck:

Large poly tank sizes

The custom fabrication of products allows the manufacture of substantial sizes of your custom water tanks for trucks as well. The custom fabrication allows you to maximize the real estate/gallonage of fluid.

Internal or integrated structure

Tanks are built with an integrated design that is almost impossible to do with other types of tanks. The only method for the production of other types of tanks is from the tiring process of molding. On the other hand, in CPF tanks, we can build into the design all the compartments, work surfaces, mounting locations without any mold.

Custom shapes

One of the additional capabilities of CPF is that we provide custom shapes and designs of products and tanks. Our engineers and designers use CAD/CAM automation. Also, our CNC routers allow skilled fabricators to make a two-dimensional shape to fulfill nearly any requirement you may have.

If you are looking for specific measures and customizing your water tank for a water truck or water storage tank custom fabrication may be a better solution. Each tank is manufactured to your specifications and/or drawing submittal. After approving the drawing, we’ll start the production of your poly tank.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Water tanks for trucks made from polypropylene are aesthetically much better than other materials as they maintain a clean appearance and last for many years without rusting or corroding. Also, our rectangular shape water tanks allows you to have more advertising space, making your truck more attractive

Low run quantities

This is one of our products and polytanks' most useful features as the capital investment for such tanks is not as extensive compared to molded tanks. New designs do not require a mold as we custom fabricate from raw sheets. You need new molds for fiberglass or rotomolded (Rotational Molding) products. Therefore, these molds increase the cost of your product.

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