Case Studies

Custom DEF Tanks Case Study

Leading Industrial Power Generator Manufacturer Makes Switch from Stainless DEF Tanks to Polypropylene DEF Tanks


The leading power generator manufacturer* was manufacturing their own DEF tanks in-house. Like their competitors, they were using stainless steel to build their tanks. They realized that they could enjoy cost savings by purchasing the DEF tanks from a fabricator. When they found out about our parent company, United Plastic Fabricating, they reached out to Custom Plastic Fabrications to learn about our industrial solutions.

The Problem:

Their main issue was that their tanks were corroding over time. They also shared that leak-proofing stainless was a quality control concern for them. They were also spending a lot of money on manufacturing and labor by making the steel tanks in-house.

The Solution:

They wanted to lower costs to solve the problem, but they found out that we were providing them with a much better solution. We offered them a solution that wasn’t corrosion-resistant but corrosion-proof instead. Our DEF tanks are rust and corrosion-free because the material we use (polypropylene) is chemically inert and naturally protects itself from those corroding agents.

The Outcome:

Lowering their costs was only one of several benefits. They freed up space and man-hours within their factory by outsourcing the tanks.

Additionally, their long-term corrosion concerns evaporated with the switch to custom plastic DEF tanks. As the two companies continued to improve the relationship, the power generator manufacturer’s sourcing agent said, “Your engineering group is excellent to work with; every interaction with them has been awesome.”

In summary, we helped the power generator manufacturer upgrade from a “corrosion-resistant” stainless DEF tank to a “corrosion-proof” polypropylene tank. Also, we saved them considerable amounts of money, we freed up manufacturing floor space, and we freed up 15 man-hours/tank. Multiply all these savings over more than 500 tanks/year, and today the power generation manufacturer is a delighted customer of Custom Plastic Fabrications.

*The company name is confidential upon the client's request